Honestly, How Are You Feeling?
As women, we've been taught to push down our feelings & keep up appearances since we were little girls.
Have you noticed that keeping up appearances is one of the most expensive things in the world?
We have to meet unrealistic beauty standards & be successful in our careers while holding the entire family together at home.

We are expected to work like we don't have kids and raise the kids like we don't have a career. 

It feels impossible, but year after year we wake up every morning to carry that weight.

And it's heavy. Isn't it?

We have become experts at looking great on the outside while dying slowly on the inside.  

But please understand...

You are more than the "put together" image you present to others.

The real you has been hidden for a while,  

And it's time to make some changes.

Be honest with me...

Can You Relate?


You Don't Have To Do This Alone!

Maybe You Are Always There For Everyone Else, But You've Lost Yourself In The Process?

Maybe You Struggle To Cope With Stress At Work, In Your Relationships, Or In Your Personal Life?

Or Maybe You've Tried Traditional Therapy In The Past But Found It Too Clinical Or Unhelpful?

Your Happiness, Peace, & Freedom Can't Continue To Be An Afterthought!

Let Me Help You:

Learn How To Say NO & Set Healthy Boundaries So You Can Discover Your Authentic Self

Cultivate Mindfulness To Regulate Your Emotions So You Can Find Balance & Inner Peace

Discover An Alternative Approach To Healing, Growth & Internal Transformation

Meet Dr. Ayesha

"There is a better way!"

Imagine having a personal guide who not only holds a PH.D. in clinical psychology, but has also overcome her own struggles with trauma, stress, and anxiety.

Reading hundreds of books on driving can only teach you so much. You need to get behind the wheel and on the road to truly master it. The same goes for managing the ups and downs in life.

With Dr. Ayesha as your Theracoach, you'll benefit from both her extensive knowledge and practical experience. 

What is TheraCoaching?

What is Theracoaching

TheraCoaching offers the best of both therapy and coaching, providing a unique blend of perspectives to promote self-reflection, healing, and personal growth.

Through my extensive clinical experience, I have found that combining these two approaches can lead to lasting change. During our sessions, we will:

Explore how unresolved issues from your past may be negatively impacting your present life experiences

Focus on present moment awareness and reaching achievable goals in the future 


Uncover and address any unconscious habits or beliefs that are currently preventing you from living the life you want

Work together with intention and action to move towards growth and positive change